Wholesale Magnets have been in the fridge magnet business since 2008, every year providing their customers with millions of fridge magnets to local businesses all over the country.

Whilst Wholesale Magnets provides fridge magnets to any industry, they have deliberately carved themselves out a niche servicing real estate agents, probably the biggest user of fridge magnets.

Whilst getting into magnets was purely by chance, servicing the real estate industry is in their DNA.

The founders, Geoff Brom.ley and Carlo Panarello are both from within the real estate industry. Between them, they have done it all – Prospector, Sales Agent, Property Manager, Marketing Manager & Director. In fact up until recently Geoff owned a real estate office with around 1000 rental properties. He now focuses his sole attention to the magnet business.

Carlo and Geoff have also created some of the country’s most innovative lead generation systems in the past 20 years including the very first internet lead generation system WhatPriceMyHouse and the innovative Real Estate Hotlines that provided house estimates over the phone.

“I understand agents. I just get their mindset. I also understand that if they spend money it needs to make money. Their phone needs to ring, and give them a return. If it doesn’t, they don’t come back.” says Geoff from Wholesale Magnets. “And that’s why over 70% of our agents keep coming back year after year, cos fridge magnets work”.

Carlo and Geoff getting started in fridge magnets was a stroke of luck. Back in 2008 when trying to source quality magnets for their 100’s of agents they saw a gap in the market.

“Agents were paying way too much for fridge magnets until we came along”, sales manager Carlo Panarello proudly claims, “the fact is, we have driven down the price of magnets in the Australian fridge magnet market.”

“Over the years we have worked hard to improve the quality of fridge magnets being produced and to drive down the prices being charged” Carlo claims, “The truth is, we are selling better quality fridge magnets now for less money than what the industry was asking 10 years ago!”

Whilst Wholesale Magnets sell all different shapes and size fridge magnets, their most popular fridge magnets continue to be their DL fridge magnets (either DL rectangle or DL house shape), business card fridge magnets or their premium giveaway, our A5 fridge magnet with markers.

Calendar fridge magnets are a huge part of Wholesale Magnets and they guarantee to support their network of loyal customers by continuing to supply the Thickest, Strongest & Cheapest fridge magnets on the market.

All magnets are individually wrapped at no additional charge (except business cards), protecting your investment from rain and dust, and also giving the magnet a higher perceived value with the homeowners, giving you a much higher chance of getting your face on the fridge. After all, aren’t all gifts wrapped?

Make no mistake, if you are buying your fridge magnets anywhere else, you’re paying too much.

Use this site to get an instant price on your next magnet campaign or if you prefer, simply call us on 1300 135 906 to discuss.